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Cass Brand Organics, dually branded Cass Corridor Brand, has been formulating, producing and distributing non toxic, head to toe personal care products for ladies, gents, babe, pet & home in Detroit since 2009. Owner, Jen Willemsen, originally created Cass Corridor Brand as a way to offer quality, non toxic hair and skin care options to her clientele at Curl Up & Dye (Detroit’s only non toxic barber & beauty shop) in Cass Corridor. At the time, non toxic products were nearly completely unavailable in the professional beauty care industry. Requiring high performing formulations, not just hobby level products, we began creating our own brand, free of parabens, SLS/SLES, petroleum and artificial fragrance…with kosher and organic ingredients…and many vegan formulations. All of our formulas are (and will always be) cruelty free. As the years passed, our products made their way out of the salon and into other environments, such as maker fairs and local pop ups.


Currently, Cass Brand Organics not only produces formulas for wholesale and direct retail, but has expanded into custom, private labeling – helping other local businesses design, create and sustain their own product lines to enhance their brands. Our grand goal is to grow to supply formulations for innumerable local brands, as well as stock janitorial supply for all of your favorite bars, restaurants, professional building, schools and hotels (pretty much anywhere there’s a bathroom…).


Our greatest dream is to help our local schools by creating a fundraising program through Parent Teacher Associations (PTAs), where we can educate masses of children on the topics of heathy personal care & hygiene, toxic ingredients and their effects on their family’s heath and the environment. By using the fundraising model, Cass envisions donating these formulas with the intention to not only raise funds for school programs, but also to get our non toxic products into the homes of average Detroiters. Our fundraiser would be like most school fundraisers, where kids come home with a sales sign up sheet their parents then take to work and hit up their extended family with so their child can win prizes for themselves and their class. Where we differ is that we’re not just selling some pecan turtles (whatever those are…), wrapping paper and holiday junk. We are educating the students on their health at the classroom level, raising funds for the schools, contributing economically to their community and hopefully creating a sustainable mindset within the family unit. Parents may have initially bought that non toxic hand soap out of obligation, but once its gone, and mom goes to restock at the usual dollar store, pharmacy or mega store, our hope is that our children say, “Mom, we can’t use that stuff. Its toxic! It causes all kinds of health problems, like breast cancer and hormone disruption, not to mention its not earth friendly.” Whether these families restock on Cass Brand, another local brand we formulate for or a competitor’s non toxic product (local or not), WE’VE WON, because like healthy, accessible food – non toxic personal care is part of the foundation for a healthy, happy child – and healthy, happy children go off to school and become educated and better able to embrace all the opportunities and joy life has to offer them…and that’s how we grow a healthy, happy community.

Its a deeper dream for sure, but its our job to lead by example and do what we can to positively impact our home. This issue is not just for low income populations, it affects us to the top of the economic food chain. There are many aspects of “health” and truly good “health” starts with a balanced, educated and healthy mindset that has a positive effect on every part of our lives. Good choices beget great choices.

Start where you are. Choose Cass Corridor Brand.


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